About Me

I was born with a wild gypsy heart, a bohemian soul, and matched with a mind for adventure and travel. I embrace my inner gypsy and I strive to see the beauty in everything that I set my eyes on. I aspire to spread love, peace, and kindness where ever I go and hope to be a little ray of sunshine in times of darkness. I embrace every culture, race, religion, sexual origin, and unique personality that I meet. I believe that we should all live a life of wealth in health, spiritual awakening, and an alert mind. I stand against hate, bigotry, abuse, and ignorance.

I have grown to trust my instinct and the importance of aligning myself with the universe. This has led my creativity to flow freely and has thus allowed me to share what I feel on the inside with all of you through my designs. All of the items you find on BeTheWilderness.com have either been designed by me or I have personally hand selected them.  I hope that you enjoy what I have to offer.


Peace, Love, and Light to all,

-A free spirit embracing the wilderness and braving the wild